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The bonds between a father and child are extremely important. Fathers Rights Law Firm, Attorney Norma Beedle is dedicated to standing up for fathers throughout the course of handling child custody, parenting time (visitation), and child support matters. We also help guide clients through issues of suspected parental alienation.

Have You Noticed A Change In Your Child's Behavior?

Many fathers are alerted to a problem by a drastic change in a child's behavior. This can include not wanting to speak with him on the phone or refusing to visit. When a child has previously had a good relationship with dad and suddenly wants nothing to do with him, it is a sign that some undue influence is being exerted over the child.

What Is Parental Alienation Syndrome?

Sometimes described as a child having been brainwashed, parental alienation syndrome is the term for a situation in which a child has been influenced by a parent (often the mother) into rejecting their other parent (usually the father) in order to find peace with their primary custodial parent. In short, the child is attempting to please the mother because the mother has begun to speak negatively (either on purpose or unconsciously) about the father, making it necessary for the child to choose sides in order to maintain a happy home life.

Dealing With Parental Alienation

If you find yourself in a situation of suspected parental alienation, know that this syndrome can be identified, diagnosed, and treated. However, it is important that you request the court to appoint a psychologist (or social worker or psychiatrist) to examine the child, and possibly the parents. By enlisting an expert, the underlying cause of the parental alienation, why a formerly happy child doesn't want anything to do with dad anymore, can be determined.

Once an expert can examine the child and make a finding of parental alienation, we can file a petition to have the child placed with the father to repair the relationship. The only remedy for parental alienation is to place the child with the alienated parent.

To learn more about parental alienation and how we may be able to help you in this situation, contact a fathers rights attorney at the Fathers Rights Law Firm, Attorney Norma Beedle (APLC) today.