A Law Firm Committed To Fathers' Rights

Fathers Rights Law Firm, based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, treats fathers rights as our constitutional, federal, and state laws intend in a gender-neutral manner. We fight to make sure that our clients are equally treated when it comes to child custody, parenting time ("visitation"), parental decision-making over medical, educational, and religious topics, and child support.

Kids Need Dads. Dads Need Kids.

Fathers Rights Law Firm can help you achieve:

  • Equitable child support arrangements
  • Joint legal custody
  • Shared physical custody
  • Shared parenting arrangements and enforcement of parenting schedules
  • Equal decision-making authority
  • Equal access to records
  • Fair and equal parenting time ("visitation rights")
  • Modification of child support, custody and visitation orders
  • Mediation, family therapy, or other methods of resolving family disputes and protecting your relationship with your children

We also handle cases in which a father has to defend himself against an order of protection due to false allegations of domestic abuse. All too often, these orders are initiated in order to gain advantage before the courts or, worse, before the children.

We respectfully support our clients, and work hard to help them succeed in all of their parenting endeavors. Our firm offers hope to fathers and grandparents who are missing out on precious time with their children and grandchildren due to family disputes.

Fathers rights attorney Norma Beedle (APLC) urges fathers to seek information and legal counsel even if they are not yet involved in a court proceeding. If you have reason to believe that the dynamics of your marriage or separation may result in an attempt to deny you custody, you should not wait for the situation to turn into a crisis.

Fathers are much more likely to succeed with custody issues if they take the right steps before custody is decided by a judge. Do not hesitate to contact us.