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Fathers Rights Law Firm

Attorney Norma Beedle (APLC). Representing fathers in child custody, visitation, and child support for over 30 years

Kids Need Dads; Dads Need Kids

Studies have shown that children who have fathers who are actively involved in their lives do better in school and are more emotionally stable than those who do not. Yet, when fathers seek to have equal time and decision-making authority in regards to their children, they all too often find old stereotypes and a biased system in the way.

Fathers Rights Law Firm's goal is to help fathers retain or regain their child custody rights. We help families address their differences concerning child custody, parenting time ("visitation"), and child support so that children can have strong relationships with both parents. Contact us to get started with a consultation.

DO NOT Settle for Being a Part-Time Dad

Often, custody and visitation issues are ruled upon before a father fully understands what is at stake or has an opportunity to assert his rights. Far too many fathers think that it is "just the way things are" that kids will live with their mother and dad will get to "visit" with them every other weekend.

While our family law system was historically biased in favor of mothers, new law recognizes that children are better off when both parents are equally involved in their lives.

Don't Be Marginalized

Fathers Rights Law Firm is dedicated to meeting the needs of fathers who want to see their custody and visitation rights protected, established, restored, or modified. Attorney Norma Beedle (APLC) promotes equitable joint custody and protects fathers from being marginalized in the legal process.

Take action before a mother physically removes your children from your home. This is often a first move in establishing the basis for a domicile custody award. We advise fathers in this situation to seek legal counsel immediately! Our firm can provide advice on what steps you can take right away to protect your rights as a parent to shared physical custody.

Don't Give Up

Sadly, some fathers have to fight orders of protection put into place after false allegations. Others have agreed to a parenting arrangement that excludes them because they felt there was no recourse. If you are facing a tough situation like false allegations of child abuse, denied visitation, or having lost custody, we can still help you. Don't just give in and give up on fatherhood.

To schedule a consultation and case evaluation, contact Fathers Rights Law Firm at our office in Baton Rouge. Attorney Norma Beedle (APLC) has been affecting change for fathers for over 30 years.