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Keeps Dads And Kids Together

Many fathers feel as though they become mere visitors in their children's lives following a divorce or break-up when the mother is granted custody. They are left wondering what could have been done differently so that they would still be central in the lives of their children. If you have become "the secondary parent," we advise you to ask another question: Is there anything I can do now that I have been shut out?

There Is Hope

Fathers Rights Law Firm, Attorney Norma Beedle (APLC), a fathers rights law firm in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, helps fathers who are being denied custody to their children. Under attorney Norma Beedle's leadership, we have shown fathers how to succeed in retaining and regaining their parental rights.

Our philosophy is to embrace constitutional equal protection and federal and state laws that call for gender-neutral treatment of parents in child custody. The rights of fathers are constitutionally protected, and that is where we start to build these cases.

Fathers Rights Law Firm and Norma Beedle stand up for fathers every day. We address child custody, parenting time ("visitation"), and child support issues for fathers who have had their rights unjustly withheld or reduced as a result of a divorce or separation.

Act Before The Damage Is Done

Family lawyer Norma Beedle represents fathers to prevent reduction in their parental rights, time with their children, and decision-making over educational, medical, and religious issues. You should know:

  • It will be much easier for you to obtain joint custody when you clearly demonstrate your commitment to custody.
  • Demonstrating that commitment is best done before any ruling on custody and visitation issues are handed down. We can advise you on steps you can take right away.
  • If a child suddenly does not want to visit or have any contact with you, the child may be under the influence of the other parent in a situation called parental alienation. If you believe that could be the case, you need to talk to us right away.

Protect Your Rights As A Father With One Phone Call

Contact us immediately if you believe the mother is likely to remove your children from your home for the purpose of establishing superior custody rights. There have been cases in which mothers have fabricated allegations of abuse in order to obtain full custody. We will work with you to dispute false allegations, assert your rights as a parent, and make co-parenting arrangements that are fair and workable.

We also assist people seeking grandparents' rights to visitation, protective orders in cases of domestic abuse, and modification of court orders. Norma Beedle works vigorously and effectively to ensure equitable outcomes for unwed fathers and their children.

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